About the PINY Task Force

The Protecting Immigrant New Yorkers (PINY) Task Force was created in January 2013 to strengthen enforcement against the unauthorized practice of immigration law through enhanced coordination between the state government, New York State Attorney General’s Office, District Attorneys’ offices, local government consumer affairs departments and federal agencies. Over the last two years, and led by the New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC), the PINY Task Force has met monthly to promote best practices, encourage dialogue and idea-sharing, coordinate enforcement action against scammers, produce common materials including public awareness ad campaigns, know-your-rights flyers, and consumer scam advisories.

  •  Four new District Attorney’s offices have dedicated bureaus to immigrant affairs;
  • More than 100 complaints received by the New York State New American Hotline’s coordinated complaint system;
  • PINY District Attorney members have combined to investigate and prosecute at least 78 criminal cases
  • Released a Resource Guide for law enforcement, government, and advocates on immigration services fraud.
PINY members have also credited the Task Force for creating new relationships between different levels of law enforcement and government, as well as across sectors such as with community and legal services. Through monthly meetings and information sharing, members are better informed of trends and issues affecting immigrant communities. The new Resource Guide for government, law enforcement, and advocates is the latest PINY Taskforce accomplishment.

In 2016, the PINY Taskforce will increase its attention to consumer protection issues affecting immigrants including increased enforcement activities against scammers, expanded technical assistance for law enforcement partners, and a renewed focus on community outreach and education.

PINY Members
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