Building Coalitions

Because of the particular sensitivities related to working with immigrant communities, one of the best way to achieve successes is to build collaboration involving some combination of law enforcement, government agencies, and community groups.

  1. Identify a leading entity, such as a non-services not for profit with experience with immigration affairs that can spearhead the coalition, handle administrative duties, and facilitate group conversations and projects.
  2. Identify potential partners who specialize in helping immigrants (e.g. community groups, law enforcement, political offices, etc.). Including political offices in your coalition can be advantageous especially if they are also key decision makers on immigration policy issues.
  3. Encourage members to discuss the work of the coalition with others and keep group members and interested parties informed of your achievements.
  4. Highlight the individual successes of the different agencies in your coalition. Where possible, assist in promoting their individual messages as well.
  5. Collaborate with community-based groups to promote a common message.
  6. Identify “spokespersons” who can be ambassadors for your coalition’s mission.
  7. Be flexible in messaging and branding. Also, be respectful of each office’s communications protocols and mindful that not all information can be shared.
  8. Identify common ground where all the different coalition members can work together and use their respective expertise to make a meaningful impact.