Ten Year Green Cards

Did you know?

  • To get a ten-year green card, you have to have a case in front of an immigration judge. This means that if you lose, you will get a deportation order.
  • You cannot start a court case on your own. The most common way to start a court case is to file an asylum application, but if you do not qualify for asylum you are committing fraud.
  • Asylum is only for people who are afraid for their safety if they go back to their home country.
  • To qualify you also need to have lived in the United States ten years before a court case begins. The time after the case has been started does not count towards the ten years.
  • Finally, to qualify you must have children, parents, or a husband/wife who are US citizens or have green cards and who will suffer more than another person who also has a relative who will be deported.  Just because it will be hard on your family if you are deported is not enough.
  • It is likely that people who commit fraud, even if they didn’t mean to, will not qualify for any future legalization program.

Go through our worksheet to see if you truly qualify for the ten year case. You can also watch a video that explains what the ten year case is all about.

If you have any questions about the ten year case, want help finding an affordable lawyer, or want to file an immigration scam complaint, call the New American Hotline:

1-800-566-7636 (from New York)
212-419-3737 (from outside New York)